Auto Drum Filler with 2 Heads Model GZ-200-IIB

Auto Drum Filler with 2 Heads Model GZ-200-IIB

*Product Application:

  Applications include free flowing to viscous products, including chunky products. Fill volumes from 50L to

  1000L at high flow rates with accuracies up to ±0.2% dependent upon drum size and type of product.

 *Technical Specification:

 1). Product          : Free flow to high viscosity

 2). Output Speed    : 80-90 drums/Hr dependent upon drum size and type of product

  3). Container Shape : Round IBC Tank, pail, drum or others       

  4). Drum Material   : Plastic&Metal container 

  5). Drum size       : Standard 200L (More on requests) 

  6). Voltage supply   : 415/220, 1/3Phase, 50/60Hz;

  7). Filling accuracy  : Class X (0.5) (0.2%);

  8). Filling mode    : Above or under liquid level with fast&dribble fill

 * Filling System includes:

1). Two (2) set of SS304 Nozzles equipped;

         2). No spilling of the product onto clean drums and roller conveyor with hood

              cover under the nozzle.

         3). Manual/Net/Gross Filling. Auto two stages fast fill&dribble fill;

         4). Quick-release, fast inter-changeable lance for easy and fast maintenance;

         SS316 straight pipe;

         5). Top/Low Fill, auto lowering of lance assembly together with the hood cover

              and retract to its original up position;

         6). METTLER TOLEDO Brand Weight Scaler with digital display;

         7). Heavy duty weighting platform mounted single load cell, overload protected;

         8). All parts in contact with liquid must be in SS304&PTFE seals;

         9). spring assists to close filling nozzle in the even of power failure;

        10). Stainless steel 304 enclosure with front viewing Perspex mounted hinge cover;

        11). Safety Interlock for nozzle fully close before lance can withdraw from drum;

          12). IP55 class control cabinet to house weighing indicator and pneumatic box to house

                all pneumatic components.

          13). Auto drum hole tracking and positioning;

 * Control system includes:

     1). Germany Siemens/Japan Omron PLC Control System;

     2). Key value input adjustment on weight display;

     3). Dynastic filling volume display;

    4). Manual/Net/Gross Filling. Auto two stages fast/dribble fill

 * Optional Item

   1). Digital Touch Screen Panel with System Integration;

   2). PLC to DCS synchronization and simulation;

   3). Storage tank with level controller;

   4). Available to suit Hazardous Environments with Ex-proof system;

   5). Manual Drum Crimper Tool with supporter fixed to the ground

     6). Nozzle diving system.

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