Pallet Magazine/Dispenser Model MP-MD-01A

Pallet Magazine/Dispenser Model MP-MD-01A


               Frame: 3/16”*3” and 3/16”*4 square tubing, 8” channel and 3/16” formed pallet

                            magazine side plates;

               Extremely heavy-duty construction: Stand up to fork truck rams and other stresses;

               Loading: Left, Right and Rear;

             *Customized design to meet your needs:

               1). Separate the pallets before dispensing for gentle pallet handling;

               2). Index full stacks of pallets on an accumulation conveyor, or dispenser a single pallet

                    to a conveyor;

               3). Dispense a pallet onto the floor for easy access by a pallet truck;

               4). Dispensers are available in the fork-style design;

               5). Can handle plastic, wood and metal pallet;

             *Capacity: 10-15 pallets, manually or fully automatic through PLC system;

              Call/email now for a quick response to your application questions

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